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Security Reports


This area has been initiated to help keep the residents of our community informed and aware of any suspicious activity or actual events that have taken place. Please post as much detail as you can including date and time of event as well as a description of what happened.

Our Board is taking active steps in an effort to protect our community, not only through the installation of our own surveillance cameras but also by keeping residents informed. Do not hesitate to report any suspicious cars or individuals.


A hour was broken into on Greeneagle Drive at 6:43pm. They entered through our second floor, patio doors off the master. There were 3 burglars - 2 guys and 1 girls and all activity was captured on camera.  They only stayed on the 2nd floor and went into the Master and 2 other bedrooms. The entered & exited our property from the golf course. They were all wearing backpacks when they entered the property but left with large duffle bags -no backpacks. They were in the house for 11 minutes. 


Several of the break-ins have regrettably occurred under similar circumstances (golf course entry point, second floor) so please continue to exercise your own preventative measures and be aware of any suspicious activity – especially if you see individuals on the golf course.


A house was broken into during the early hours.  Thieves broke into a second floor window with the intention of not disturbing the main level alarm sensors.  Based on additional information provided by a neighbour, we were able to capture images of a Honda Odyssey Minivan which was circling the neighbourhood on October 23rd.

MARCH 2016

A resident on Greeneagle Drive who had cleaners in their home received a knock on their door. The person at the door was persistent but the cleaners did not answer the door. Person rang the doorbell three times. The cleaners, feeling that something was urgent then answered the door.  The individual at the door asked for the resident by name who was not at home. The individual send that he was there to install a light fixture. The cleaners would not let him in. He then pretended to call the resident on his cell phone and pretended that it was okay for them to come in and do the work. Thankfully the cleaners refused. The cleaners were able to note that it was a large, light colored SUV but we are not able to get the license plate number. Please share this incident with family members (or anyone working in your home) to remind them not to allow anyone in the home that has not been scheduled. People are using clever ways to try to gain access to our homes. Please share if you have any information or surveillance of this vehicle on Thursday, March 3 during the day.

FEB 2016

We have regrettably heard that another break and enter occurred on Greeneagle Drive last week. Once again, we urge all of our residents to be aware of any unusual or suspicious activity and report it immediately to the police. Thank you to those residents who are supplying the police with their own home security footage.

Link: Oakville News Release

JULY 3rd, 2015

Another home on Gallery Hill was broken into.

JUNE 12th, 2015

We had a break in on The Links Drive around 9 AM. The pool company arrived at approximately 9:30 AM and headed in the usual way around the back. He noted the broken sliding glass doors just as two men escaped via the front door and left in a silver four-door BMW. The police were great and are doing a thorough investigation. Canine units came to the house and criminals left some blood at the scene so they collected DNA, took photographs of footprints and dusted for fingerprints.

JUNE 25th, 2014

Break-in occurred on The Links Drive where suspects pried open the back window and went to the master bedroom and stole jewelry and watches. This break-in occurred in the early afternoon. The police was contacted and the suspects had been arrested by detectives canvassing the area. Most of the belongings were fortunately recovered



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