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Flowers, Fences and Landscaping

The botanical gardens in the Fairway Hills common areas are annually planted thanks to the efforts of a volunteer crew of neighbours.  If you would like to be a part of next year's planting brigade, contact Lisa Djurfeldt for more information.

Fence Colour


The approved paint color for fences is SEA COAST GREY and the brand is Cabot Stain which is available from Rona Lansing at 399 Speers Road in Oakville (905-844-8010).

The intent is to ensure consistency of fencing throughout Fairway Hills.  We appreciate your adherence to this.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the executive.  Thank you for your support!


Brian Hartnett is in charge of maintaining the grounds and the landscaping of Fairway Hills.  He can be contacted at: 905-827-0518 or 905-484-7720.


Ben Mitchaid is with Aquatech and maintains our community sprinkler system.  If you notice any issues with the sprinkler system please contact him at 905-847-5778 or 905-601-2287.

Landscape Use Agreement

As there are many residents whose property borders a "green-space/common area" in Fairway Hills, there are times when they may require that their landscaper/contractor gains access via this space in order to complete the project.

In order to ensure that all common areas are returned to their original condition, Fairway Hills has an agreement which must be competed before work can commence.  Should you need access via a greenspace/common area, please contact a member of the executive and they will gladly provide a "Landscape use Agreement" to you and your landscaper/contractor.

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