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Ladies Left Right Centre Social

All the ladies from Greeneagle to Golfview  are  invited to join the monthly social by playing Left Right Centre. This dice game is VERY easy to play and is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your neighbours and a great way to meet new ones. All you need is $10 to play and you’re in! There’s always room at the table for more! 


LRC in the neighbourhood will resume January 18th 2019. Watch your email for a kick-off date and time. As a reminder, LRC can only function with residents who take their turn to host an evening of dice rolling. If you have not taken your turn hosting, please consider a date in the new year. We need hostesses for the following months in 2019: 


April, May, September, October & November


If you are interested in being the contact for Left Right Center, please email Lisa Ryce.

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