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Coyotes & Wildlife

As Fairway Hills is surrounded by the beauty of Sixteen Mile Creek Valley, Glen Abbey Golf Course and the many open areas/paths/forest that make up our community, we have encountered numerous coyote siting’s on our streets and common areas. The fall and spring seem to be an especially active time for coyote movement in our neighbourhood so please be mindful when you or any family member are outside. 


To view a map of reported siting’s, visit:


To report a siting, please visit:



Coyotes are found in urban areas throughout North America, including Oakville. Seeing a coyote in Oakville is not necessarily cause for alarm. Coyotes are not considered a significant risk to people. They are usually wary of humans and avoid people whenever possible, however they are wild animals and we should avoid contact. Most negative coyote interactions are preventable. When we are aware and knowledgeable of our wildlife and act responsibly and respectfully, it is easier to coexist.

The town’s coyote hazing video explains what to do if you encounter a coyote on your property, and shows you how to haze or scare them away. If embraced by the entire community, repeated hazing ensures coyotes maintain their fear of humans and know our homes are off limits.

Spring to early summer is pupping season

While hazing usually works to frighten off a coyote, it doesn’t always work during the spring when there is a den and pups to defend. The Urban Coyote Initiative states: “If a coyote seems intent on defending a certain area, particularly around pupping season, your best bet may be to alter your route to avoid conflict with a normally calm animal.”

Reducing coyote conflicts

If you encounter a coyote when out for a walk:

  • Keep pets attended and on leash.

  • Do not turn your back on, or run from, a coyote.

  • Practice hazing to let the coyote know they are not welcome. Stand tall, wave your arms, shout, clap your hands and make lots of noise.

  • If you see pups or suspect there are pups in the area or if the coyote is not easily frightened away, keep your dog on a short leash, pick up small pets and children, and back away from the area. Consider changing your route for a few weeks. The coyote may have been denning in the area and will likely move on after some time.

  • Do not leave food waste in town garbage cans in parks as this may attract rodents which may in turn attract coyotes

For more information, please visit the Town of Oakville’s site on Coyote’s and Wildlife

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