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Christmastime and the Holiday Season in Fairway Hills


Happy New Year to our Residents! 


Christmas Eve 2018 was a cool and dry evening which allowed our luminaries to remain aglow all night and for some, well into the next day. No rain or snow to contend with this year for our fantastic group of volunteers who stood at the front entrance to help raise $6029.06 for the Oakville Chapter of the Salvation Army. Thank you to those residents who chose to participate in our 28th year tradition of lighting luminaries to create “Santa’s Runway”. The Board and your neighbours appreciate your part in preserving our special and unique traditions which are enjoyed by MANY and continue  to be a wonderful way for our community to usher in Christmas and raise funds for a very important and worthy charity.    


In order for the wonderful Christmas traditions in Fairway Hills to occur, there are many residents who chair committees and volunteer their time to make these events a success for everyone to experience and enjoy. 


Luminary Committee

Thank you to Ryan & Nicole Hassan for organizing the luminaries this year and to their assembly committee of : 

Karen Hledin, Rebecca Stainton, Tina Essaye, Brenda Jarvis, Pauline Nowak, Lisa Cole, Lisa Djurfeldt, Alison Doherty, Mirjana Wheeler, and Claire Lancaster. 


Thank you to the Popps and Doherty’s for delivering all the luminaries throughout the neighbourhood !


And once again, thank you goes out to Brain Hartnett and his crew for ensuring that the luminary glow remained uninterrupted throughout the common areas and our circles. 


Salvation Army Collection

Thank you to JoAnn & Alan Daxner for once again, organizing our team of collectors at the gates and all the families who spent a portion of their cold and snowy Christmas Eve collecting for the Salvation Army. Thanks and sincere appreciation goes out to the following residents : Ryce, Lancaster, Brandt-Foster, Tremblay, Popp, Racco, Welsford-Mark, Doherty, Stevens-Lay and Gibbins families. 

Christmas Eve Luminaries Lighting and Singalong

Thank you to Mirjana Wheeler for organizing the carolling, Gary Mark for the music and all the resident carollers for welcoming our visitors with the gift of song. What a wonderful way to set the tone for a special evening in our neighborhood. 


All the very best as we begin a new year in 2019 

The Fairway Hills Board

The Christmas Eve Luminaries Tradition


Each year since 1991, the streets of Fairway Hills are be illuminated with luminary candle lanterns on Christmas Eve. This is a tradition nearly as old as the Fairway Hills neighbourhood and is enjoyed not only by the residents of Fairway Hills but also by the MANY visitors throughout Halton and beyond who make it their Christmas Eve tradition to visit our neighbourhood.


Our residents also volunteer their time on Christmas Eve to stand at the entrance and collect funds for the Oakville Chapter of the Salvation Army.


If you are new to the neighbourhood, your household will receive paper bags and candles in mid-December so that you can assemble your luminaries and light them on Christmas Eve. You will also receive instructions on preparing the paper bags and effectively lighting your lanterns.


We ask for 100% participation throughout the neighbour and require ALL our residents to ensure that they light their candles starting at 5:00pm. If you are not home that evening, it is your responsibility to have a neighbour light your luminaries for you. 


Thank you!

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