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Treasurer Info/Annual Dues

Annual Dues

Please check your mailboxes for Fairway Hills Association Community Fee Reminder Invoice for those 30+ households that haven’t paid their 2022 fees.  Your method of payment should be : 


e-transfer to

Please use GlenAbbey as the password and include your address in the subject line of the email

Save Glen Abbey Legal Fee Levy 


As was discussed at the 2016 AGM, the Board advised that there may be significant costs associated with the fight to oppose the development of Glen Abbey. After several consultations, the Board and the Executive Directors for the Fairway Hills Community brought forward the estimated cost of the legal fees to fight the development of Glen Abbey Golf Course.  These mediation costs from Weir Foulds is estimated at $100,000.  It is the Board’s proposal that it levy all 129 homes in the community at $825.00 per household (three instalments of $275 is an option) to fund this cost.  If no mediation costs occur, then each household’s payments would be refunded.   Funds for this particular effort would be deposited into an account separate from the FWH Operational account.  


The Fairway Hills residents passed this Levy at our 2017 AGM. 

At the AGM, December 2, 2020 there was a decision to delay Legal Levy payments until spring 2020.  The surplus in the Legal Levy fund was $28,000.  The FWH Board’s intention is to try to accurately match legal expenses incurred with legal levies billed as closely as possible.  The FWH Board anticipates that a legal levy fee will be invoiced in the spring of 2020.  The amount will be advised at time of billing, as it will reflect the anticipated legal expenses for the remainder of 2020.

In July, the Ontario Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT)  held a Case Management Conference with the parties (including Fairway Hills Community Association) to the 11 proceedings under appeal. It was estimated that the hearings will require about 20 weeks and will not be scheduled until spring of 2021 at the earliest considering the delay and restrictions due to the pandemic.

Since no new hearings are scheduled for this year, we will not need any further special assessment this year for our legal representation.

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